This is a little guide how to install The 5zig Mod

  • First download the mod here. You can *optionally* download also the latest optifine version here.
  • Before installing, please make sure that your Minecraft Launcher and Minecraft itself is closed and you haven't opened any files in your .minecraft Folder
  • Then open the 5zig Mod installer by either double-clicking it or sometimes on windows by right-clicking and the clicking on open with -> Java
  • A new window should be opened
  • Click on 'Install'. Another window should be opened
  • If you want to install The 5zig Mod with some other mods as well, you can click on 'OK', otherwise just click on 'No'.
  • Now a new window should be opened, where you can select the mods you want to install. To select multiple files, simply hold CTRL (CMD on mac) and click on a file. Please note, that only mods that are made for the same Minecraft Version as the 5zig mod are compatible to it.
  • Press 'Open' when you finished selecting your mods.
  • Now wait until the mod is installed. If the mod has been successfully installed, a new window should pop up
  • The mod should now be installed and is ready to play. Just open your Minecraft Launcher and click on 'Play'.